Kid Reporter: My Playoff Predictions


The NFL Playoffs are going to be very interesting with all of these exciting games. The Wild Card games will be exciting. The Indianapolis Colts play the Kansas City Chiefs and I think the Colts are going to win for a couple of reasons. The Chiefs only special guy is really Jamaal Charles. If the Colts can stop him then they will win. Also, if Andrew Luck doesn't commit any turnovers against the Chiefs defense then it will be an easier win for the Colts. From the NFC, the New Orleans Saints will face the Philadelphia Eagles. I think the New Orleans Saints are going to win because they have a better offense than the Eagles and a better defense.


I don't think that the Eagles will be able to stop Drew Brees especially because of the game he had last week. The next game will be the San Diego Chargers against the Cincinnati Bengals. I think the Bengals will win because of their strong defense, and their offense with A.J. Green. The next Wild Card will be the Green Bay Packers against the San Francisco 49ers. My prediction is that the 49ers will win because Aaron Rodgers will be a little rusty and he is going to be facing a great defense. Frank Gore should be able to run right past the Packers defense too. Then I think the Bengals will beat the New England Patriots and move on to the AFC Championship round. I think the Denver Broncos will beat the Indianapolis Colts because Peyton Manning is just a fantastic quarterback. From the NFC, I think the Carolina Panthers will beat the 49ers in a very defensive game like last time.


Then I predict that the Seattle Seahawks will beat the Saints because the Seahawks are playing at home. In the NFC Championship round, I think the Seattle Seahawks will beat the Carolina Panthers and move on to the Super Bowl. In the AFC, my prediction is that the Denver Broncos will beat the Cincinnati Bengals and go to the Super Bowl in New York. At MetLife Stadium, I think the Broncos will beat the Seattle Seahawks and win the Lombardi Trophy. This is how I think the Playoffs are going to turn out.





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