Kid Reporter: My Favorite Team Uniform


I like the Vikings uniform the most because I like the color and style of it. I like the Dolphins and Jaguars uniform also, but not as much as the Vikings. I think that all the uniforms are unique in how they match together.



The new Viking uniforms also seem to have a lot more "pop" in the colors. The new look of the helmets also give off a 3D effect that seems to give it depth.



The Dolphins uniform is a light blue that I don't like. It reminds me of a blue that is soft and I don't want a soft feeling when I think of football.



The Jaguars uniform has a lot of new colors that I like but it doesn't seem to blend together. I also don't think of the animal Jaguar when I see the uniform.



The NFL seems to get new uniforms with new looks regularly to keep the players looking up to date. A new look for a team gives it a feel that the team has changed or a new attitude.









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