Kid Reporter: My Charged Adventure


Man what a day, I'm Evan R. and today I'm going to talk about my adventure at Qualcomm Stadium, home of the Chargers. But before I start this epic story I'm going to thank the man that made my adventure more exciting. His name is Chase and without him this story would be no where near as exciting as it is.

It all started the day I signed up for the contest. I was bored and I was trying to think of what I wanted to do. Then I remembered something that I heard during the Super Bowl the year before. There was a essay contest about eating right and being active. Entering this contest would make for the best day of my life. A few months after I turned in my essay I got a letter from the NFL telling me that I won two tickets to a game. Now let's pause here; there is so much the NFL did for me that I can't list everything. Anyway, let's skip to when my Mom got a phone call from Chase. So much happened in between then and when I went to the game I can't even explain it.

It was five days before the game and we had received the tickets and tons of cool stuff from the NFL. I was at school when my mom got a phone call from the Chargers. When I got home there was a big surprise waiting for me. My mom told me that she got a phone call from a man named Chase from the Chargers. Then she told me that he was going to take me and my dad on to the field for the pre game warm ups. I was stunned, you know how many fans get to go on the field? NOT A LOT! So five days later, we went to the Chargers game. I was about to burst into tears of joy when I saw that stadium. I couldn't believe that I earned this and I was blown away. We were told to meet at elevator three and we met Chase and two other people there. This is when things got crazy.

So, we went out on the field and we were seeing the stars practice. Before I tell you what happens next, you should know that I was wearing a white Chargers hat and a powder blue Eric Weddle jersey. So I'm watching my favorite player on the Chargers, Eric Weddle #32.

So he runs a route like he's covering a guy and he catches the ball and runs over to me on the sideline.


He said, "He nice jersey buddy."

I was so star struck I couldn't move. I said, "thank you" still star struck and nervous.

He replied,"What's your name?"

Of course I said, "Evan nice to meet you." Then we shook hands (he had a nice firm grip).

Then he said,"Have a pen?"

I said,"Yes I do."

He replied, "Do you want me to sign that for you?" Now that's when I numbed up inside. My Dad gave Eric a Sharpie and he signed the number 3 on my jersey. I told him if he got a pick-6 today my Dad would get a mohawk like him. He was so nice and cool to me I couldn't believe it!

After that, Darren Karrington, the retired safety from the Chargers, was taking pictures. I asked him if I could get a picture and autograph and we did just that. He asked me for my name and I said Evan. He signed the brim of my hat and I was so happy TWO AUTOGRAPHS HECK YEAH! 30 minutes later I ran into a star in a different sport. CHRIS PAUL WAS AT THE GAME (He was a Dallas fan, BOOOOO!) so I got a picture with him and little Chris in the background.

After the whole tour we were about to go in and when the Chargers were going back in the tunnels and the wide receiver coach Fred Graves ran up to me and gave me an OFFICIAL NFL FOOTBALL! Again, blown away! After that we said bye to Chase and went back up to watch the game against Dallas. It was a great game an we left the stadium with a Chargers win! WINNING!

Well this is Evan R. here and the picture up top is the picture of me and Eric Weddle shaking hands. Thanks Chase for a great day I will remember forever. Well that was My Charged Adventure I hoped you enjoyed it.


This is Evan R. signing out GOODBYE!


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