Kid Reporter: Midnight Games Too Late for East Coasters

The Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers were going to play a game at 4:25 ET, but due to a scheduling conflict with the Tigers-Athletics game that was on the same field, the game was pushed back to 11:35!

That is far too late for an NFL game. If a 11:35 ET game starts on the East Coast, many people will already be asleep. The majority of people, even if they are die-hard fans, prefer a game that is at 1 ET or 4:30 ET, therefore attracting more fans.

Also, not all football fans are adults and kids make up a large portion of the fan base. Kids are usually have to go to bed much earlier than these games start. My mom barely lets me stay up to see the Super Bowl, which usually starts at 6:30 PM ET. There is no chance that I could see the Chargers-Raiders game. Making the time later would make kids miss more games, and they would probably lose interest if more games are played later. The NFL is a kid-friendly league, so they should not make a move that would not be in the best interest of kids.

The NFL is making a lot of changes, most of them good, but if they moved NFL games to an even later time it would definitely be a bad move.



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

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