Kid Reporter: Mid-Season Predictions


The AFC will go as follows:

AFC East, yet again, will go to the New England Patriots.

The AFC north will be a shock with Cincinnati winning that division.

The Broncos will win the AFC west.

Lastly, the Colts will win the AFC south and the 2 AFC Wild Card teams will be the Chiefs and the Jets surprisingly.


The NFC will go as follows:

NFC West will be won by Seattle.

NFC East will be easily won by the Cowboys.

The NFC North will shockingly be won by the Lions.

Rounding it out, the Saints will bounce back from last year and win the NFC South.

The Wild Card teams will be the Panthers and the 49ers.


The Super Bowl will be the Denver Broncos going up against the Saints. The MVP will be Peyton Manning who is on pace to break almost every major QB record.


Top running back LeSean McCoy will take home the comeback player of the year. The Super Bowl will be very offensive with the Broncos defeating the Saints, 49-24.





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