Kid Reporter: Miami Dolphins Roster



Hi everyone! You probably know that my favorite team is the Miami Dolphins. Well I am here to talk about their fantasy roster.



For QB I would choose Ryan Tannehill. He may have had a rough start in the NFL, but I think he will be much improved this year.



At the TE position I would choose Dustin Keller. He is a veteran and knows the field better than 2nd year tight end Mike Egnew. There are a couple of good options at WR. I would choose Brian Hartline. He is more familiar with the way that Ryan Tannehill throws, so he will probably be better than Mike Wallace.



When choosing a RB, I would look at Lamar Miller. He did a pretty good job as backup last year, so I would like to see him as #1. Lastly for FB, I would choose Charles Clay. He is also familiar with the way Ryan Tannehill throws. 



I think that if the Dolphins gave it 110% every game, they could get into the playoffs and possibly win the division.







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