Kid Reporter: Manning & Luck Match Up


I think it was an emotional return for Peyton to Indy. We saw him smiling and waving at his old fans that paid respect to him at the stadium. I think he was happy to see his old teammates and be able to be back in the dome he used to play for so many years. Peyton played well. I heard that Indy coaches knew from past that Peyton didn't have as good games when they opened the dome so when the Bronco's came to play, the dome was open. There were things that didn't go Denver's way. Denver's defense didn't play as well as they usually do. However, it was a fun game to watch. The Colts defense scored a safety and forced a fumble in the last drive of the game. Denver could not get pass third and one.

Indy was prepared. Luck most likely studied Denver's defense to know the holes he could throw to. Their defense probably watched films to know their weak spots to stop the Bronco's offense.

The Indy team will not be the same without Reggie Wayne. I think it will hurt them to have lost him early in the season. Without Wayne, I don't think Indy will end up being in the playoffs or go very far.




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