Kid Reporter: Late, Late, Late Night Football

Have you heard of the new meaning of late night football? Apparently, now it means that in the east coast football should be played at 11:35 p.m.! This was during the Oakland Raiders vs. San Diego Chargers. This was because the Oakland A's are in the playoffs. And in this day and age we are still using fields for both football and baseball - both teams use the 64,200 seat Coliseum. In order for them get it all back together by the time the baseball game ends and the football game starts, it took them a day and half an hour to transform the field.


The game was a good one, but Darth Vader's team beat sunny San Diego. This game was one with a lot of turnovers. If you go to the Charger's or Raider's page you can see the highlights. But, the overall point is that games should be played earlier. What do you think of this?




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