Kid Reporter Jake: 4th and Goal with Rex Ryan

Kid Reporter Jake spoke with new Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan about the upcoming NFL Season.

Q: You came to Buffalo this offseason. A team you know very well. The Bills are coming off a promising 9-7 season. What do you think the strengths are of this team?

I think the obvious strength is the defensive line. You have four guys, three of them went to the Pro Bowl and a fourth could have easily in Jerry Hughes. So I think that obviously is the strength. Some of the weapons that we have, LeSean McCoy as our running back, Charles Clay, Percy Harvin, already to a team that has Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods. So I like our skill position players on offense and I think our defensive line is the strength of our team on defense.

Q: After spending six seasons with the Jets, what will your emotions be when you return to Metlife Stadium?

They are just another opponent. So it is an opponent we want to beat just like anyone else and they are in our division so that always adds a little more to it. I am not sure I will feel any differently, but you never know until I get there. But I know one thing--I want to win that game.

Q: The Bills have not made the playoffs since 1999. You took the Jets to the AFC Championship game in your first two seasons there. How far do you think the Bills will go this year and what will it take to get there?

I think we will be in the playoffs this year. I think the big thing is we have to stay healthy and get a great grasp of our new systems on offense and defense. I think when we do that, I think our guys are going to be able to play against anyone in this league.

Q: How do you think having LeSean McCoy will help EJ Manuel's growth this year?

Well not just EJ Manuel's but everybody's growth. Whoever plays at the quarterback position is really going to benefit from LeSean being our running back. Meaning that it is a lot easier to throw against man coverage or one-on-one coverage than it is double coverages and loaded zones and stuff like that. So I think all the quarterbacks will benefit will LeSean being back there and I think our receivers will benefit by getting the kind of coverages they are going to get because you are going to have to play us in eight man spaces.

How will the Bills do this year?

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