Kid Reporter: Jaguars vs. Titans

A team that has lost 8 games in their season and is arguably worst in the League, beat the Tennessee Titans.


The Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Titans in an upset game. But of you look at the Titans and how they lost, it will have been logical for the Jaguars to win. First of all there were so many mistakes and turnovers in that game. Another cause could be that the Titans were too sure of themselves. Their quarterback got hurt in the middle of the game and didn't come back. The Titans were also in their endzone and one of their linemen held and caused them a SAFETY! When they tried to recover the onside kick, they don't and end up giving the ball to the Jags at the fifty! Another thing that happened was that their backup QB ended up getting stripped for a touchdown!!! Their were so many mistakes on the Titans that caused them to lose the game. This for me was the biggest upset of the week.

Do you think this was the biggest upset of Week 10?
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