Kid Reporter: Introducing Sarah Thomas

Have you heard? There may be a different ref next year and officiating a game this year. Her name is Sarah Thomas.


Yes you read correctly HER. The forty-year-old female is the mother of three children.   6 years ago she was the first woman to ever officiate a major college football game. In 2009, she was one of the five woman officials in major college football and the only one to be at the Football Bowl Subdivision level.  She made history by becoming the first woman to ever officiate a bowl game at the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl. One football player even admitted to noticing her before the game, but during the game she was just another regular ref.


This year Thomas is one of the 21 finalists to become a permanent official in the NFL. Thomas has worked at Saints scrimmages and spent three days at Colts Training minicamp. If she does well in the preseason she may as well get a permanent position as early 2014. If she impresses people she may end up as the first female NFL official ever.




Do you think females should be able to officiate games?

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