It will be exciting to watch Peyton return to Indy. This is where he started his NFL career. I'm sure he will be nervous too.


However, I think Peyton will beat Indy. He will throw for over 3 touchdowns in the game. Peyton probably still loves the fans in Indy. I think the fans still like him a lot and respect him and many will be rooting for him to do well. This will help him play even better because he doesn't want to disappoint his fans.


I also think Peyton will enjoy being back in a stadium in which he played for 14 years. It will feel like home sweet home. Indy is a nice city so he will also enjoy looking at the city again. Peyton has 22 touch downs and only has 2 interceptions. Andrew Luck is a good quarterback but he's not at the level of Manning. Luck has 7 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. Peyton also has 2179 yards but Andrew luck has 1346. By numbers, clearly Peyton is better.