Kid Reporter: Future of the Giants



The New York Giants recently re-signed Victor Cruz to a new contract. With their main offseason priority out of the way, what's next for the G-Men? They have a hole at runningback and many free agent runningbacks would work great with the Giants.



Michael Turner or Cedric Benson would be a great pickup. The Giants also need more veteran leadership besides Eli Manning, Hakeem Nicks, and Justin Tuck. Signing Benson would solve both of those problems.


Despite not making playoffs last year, the Giants are in great shape. They have young talent, a solid quarterback, a good coach, and a strong receiving core including Cruz and Nicks.



The Giants also recently drafted a offensive tackle to protect Eli Manning. My prediction for the Giants this year is that they will go 8-8 and make playoffs by winning a Wild Card spot.









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