Kid Reporter: Fantasy Tips!


Hi everyone! You may have heard that fantasy football is back and that means that football season is almost here! Ask your parents to help you join fantasy football becuase it's really fun and exciting.



Join leagues by yourself, with friends, or make your own league. Always remember you have to strategize in order to get points. For week one I decided to fill my team with stars from last year.



For QB I went with Tom Brady. Then I decided my picks would be RB: Adrian Peterson, WR: Mike Wallace, TE: Dustin Keller, the Patriots defense. Last, but not least, I went with RG3 as my Wild Card.



Your points are totaled up by how the players are that week. If you get the most points out of everybody, you can get the grand prize of a $10,000 dollar scholarship and two tickets to an NFL game!

And make sure you join the league NFLRZ!









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