Kid Reporter: Fantasy Tips



Here is some advice for new NFL RUSH Fantasy Football Users:

1. Check your roster daily because injuries occur often and could affect your roster in many ways. Even if the injury isn't severe, your player may be limited because they are not 100% healthy.


2. Don't overthink your fantasy roster. Some people spend hours trying to decide who to pick. Just have fun and pick the players who you think will play well.


3. Create fantasy leagues. Creating fantasy leagues makes it more competitive because you can battle your friends for the top spot in your league


4. Don't be afraid of good matchups. If a good player is facing a top defense don't take them out of your lineup. Take the risk and keep your player in. If they have a good game then you made a good decision. If they don't have a good game, don't be upset with your decision because they may play well the next game.












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