Kid Reporter: Fantasy Strategy

This week there was good news, NFL RUSH came up with a great idea to have a fantasy football league for kids! I was so excited I started to set up my roster. I felt good about who I picked and I can always change it before the season starts. Here are some tips on who you should take a chance on.

C.J Spiller - Last season he showed his explosive ability and looked like a franchise running back. This season I think he can beat Fred Jackson for the starting job and become a Pro Bowl running back.

Miami Dolphins defense - This defense might not have looked very good last season but they have added new players and more talent. In my opinion they have the best pair of safeties in the league. In Week 1 they are playing the historically bad Cleveland Browns offense. I believe Miami's defense will dominate in that game.

Tavon Austin - I know it's his first year in the NFL but I expect him to be a star using his speed to extend plays. Even better he can play 3 positions (wide receiver, punt returner, and running back). 

This year he will be the number 1 wide receiver for Rams because they lost Danny Amendola and Brandon Gibson in free agency. I think Austin will be a threat to Patrick Peterson as the best punt returner in the NFC west.

I hope you sign up for this great opportunity to play fantasy football with your friends and start a league. Keep me posted on how your roster is looking!

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