Kid Reporter: Ethan's Playoff Predictions 2013-2014

It's Week 11 of the NFL season and I am already starting to look ahead to the Playoffs. In the AFC, I think the division winners will be the New England Patriots, the Indianapolis Colts, the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Denver Broncos. Possibilities for the AFC Wild Card spots include the New York Jets, the Tennessee Titans, and the Kansas City Chiefs. Since the Jets are my favorite team, I hope they get this Wild Card spot.

In the NFC, I think the division winners will be the Dallas Cowboys, the New Orleans Saints, the Detroit Lions, and the Seattle Seahawks. Teams in the race for the NFC Wild Card spot include the Carolina Panthers and the San Francisco 49ers. Even though these teams will be in the Wild Card round, they may be real contenders later in the playoffs.

My ideal Super Bowl matchup would be the New York Jets versus the Carolina Panthers. This would pit my favorite team against the Panthers who have Cam Newton, my favorite quarterback. Best of all, the Super Bowl will take place near my home in New Jersey. So far, my League MVP is Peyton Manning because of his record-breaking passing statistics and team leadership skills on the Denver Broncos. My Comeback Player of the Year is Knowshon Marino of the Denver Broncos. He was supposed to be a back-up player this year but has proven himself as a top 10 running back in the league. I can't wait to see what happens this season!





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