Kid Reporter: Eagles vs. Charging Chargers

Did you see the game last Sunday featuring the San Diego Chargers and the Philadelphia Eagles? Well, if you did you know that all the action was in the third and fourth quarter. If you look up the facts on Pick 'Em you'll see that 63% thought that the Eagles would win, and only 33% of the users on NFLRUSH favored the Chargers winning.

The Eagles may have had a chance in the third quarter scoring their 37- yard touchdown. You were probably thinking that they had a chance to turn it around. But there is something YELLOW on the field. The Eagles had an illegal formation.


In the fourth quarter the Chargers make it to the 30 yard line on a kickoff return, but the ball is loose. An Eagle recovers it, but loses it all over again. The Chargers recover it and stumble to the 65-yard line. And a pair of Chargers, QB Phillip Rivers and TE Eddie Royal were at it all game, picking up yards and getting first downs. Then Royal scored a touchdown and sets a record, the second player to ever score 5 touchdowns in the first two weeks. The Eagles almost score a touchdown, but they didn't and the QB and WR are hurt on the SAME play!


It's tied 30-30 with 30 seconds left in the game! And the Chargers kicker, Nick Novak, scores the game winning points! And the games ends with a stunning upset! 30-33, Chargers.


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