Kid Reporter: Broncos Possible Undefeated Season

The first thing you need to do to reach your goal is to remove any obstacles!


Hey fans! Football is in the air....literally and I am pumped up. My Colts are starting to really show more and more confidence and style out on the field, which means...more wins!

But, what about these Broncos? Yes, yes my Colts gave up Peyton to Denver but Indianapolis has LUCK now! The Broncos really have a well positioned offense and defense, just like the Colts :) I believe the only team that has a chance to beat them will be the Chiefs.


The Colts know how Manning plays things out which will be an asset to Indy and the Chiefs are coming out very strong and adjusting to each team they play very well. Kansas has brought in a new offense spread that has helped them to a 4-0 start for the season. However, as long as the Bronco's defense holds together I am not too sure if ANY team can stop Denver's offense. This will definately be a fun season to watch!

 Get Ready For Some Football!

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