Kid Reporter: Best Game of the Season

Hi everyone! We are now three weeks into the season and I want to talk about my favorite game of the season. My favorite game so far was the first game, Broncos versus the Ravens. Now I love the Miami Dolphins, but when the Broncos drafted Tim Tebow (and he is my favorite player), I started to like them. I was very frustrated when the Broncos lost to the Ravens last year in the playoffs. But when I saw the list of games that were going to be played, I was excited. Now the Broncos have a chance to prove what they got. Peyton Manning must have felt that too, tying A NFL record of seven touchdowns in a game, and leading his team to a 49-27 point victory! I only got to see part of it, but I was sure the Broncos would win the game, and they did!


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