Kid Reporter: Battle for the AFC West


When somebody mentions the Denver Broncos versus the Kansas City Chiefs you immediately think of a Broncos victory. But after having the worst record in the league, the Chiefs have a chance to shock everyone and be one of the best teams in the league. With a top defense and a strong running game, they have not been stopped as they are 9-0 this season and leading a tough AFC West division. Peyton Manning & Co. are ready for a showdown with their biggest challenge they've faced so far. When these two teams square off it will be an all out battle but both teams need a game plan to defeat each other.

Key 1- Give Jamaal Charles the ball

Charles is usually one of the more injury-prone players in the league. Traditionally, he just can't stay healthy. But this year is different as he has had one of his best years. He is converting plays into touchdowns and has been the biggest playmaker on the Chiefs offense. He can help Alex Smith make fewer mistakes and also score against a banged up Denver front seven. He could have a good game if the Chiefs believe in him and give him the ball.

Key 2- Play against the Chiefs strengths
The Broncos are the kind of team who will make plays down field and rely on playmakers to do the rest. But that is sometimes challenging when you face a team that consistently puts pressure in a quarterback's face like the Chiefs do. The Broncos solution will be to use slant and screen plays. They can frustrate the Chiefs who like to sack the quarterback by showing them how good their wide receivers really are. Quick throws will make it hard for the Chiefs to get sacks. If Manning can trust his receivers and his receivers can make plays there will be points on the Broncos side of the scoreboard.

Key 3- Try to stop Denver's many playmakers

The Chiefs have risen up to be one of the best defensive units by creating turnovers and limiting points. It will be a challenge to stop the high powered Bronco offense but they can start by putting pressure on the quarterback. If that can happen, it will limit Manning's abilities because he is not a mobile quarterback. When they have Manning uncomfortable, they should focus on tight coverage. Manning has a lot of weapons to work with, but if they can handle two or three of Manning's playmakers it will put him out of his comfort zone. I believe if the Colts can shut Manning down, the Chiefs also have a chance to.

This game to will come down to the wire because both teams have disadvantages. John Fox will not be coaching the Broncos and the Chiefs are on the road where it is hard to get a victory. It comes down to will the fact that John Fox is absent affect the Broncos? I think it will work as motivation for this team to prove they are elite. Fox's leadership is vital, but I believe they can win after coming off a much needed bye week. I do think Jack Del Rio is accomplished enough to win games and has coached some good teams. The Broncos will fight hard to win this game and prove why they are a contender. I believe the Chiefs will play ok on offense and only get a few red zone chances. The Broncos will capitalize on that and make the Chiefs defense work hard to stop them.


Despite the Chiefs perfect record they will struggle on the road and go 9-1. My final score is Broncos 34 Chiefs 20.




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