Kid Reporter: Are The Uniforms Good Enough?


I think that the new Buccaneers uniforms are very cool and unique. I think that a lot of fans will like the new uniforms very much and they will get a lot more jersey sales once the fans see it. I think that a new uniform can improve the attitude of the players but they will have to develop better abilities to achieve success in their win-loss record.

With rumors that Devin Hester possibly going to the Bucs and the upcoming college draft, the Bucs will HAVE to add some better players to compete in the NFL. Most notably, the offensive line needs significant improvement and should be the anchor that a team like the Bucs is formed around, not the other way around. Most teams concentrate on the 'skill' players in the first round of the college draft, the Bucs should concentrate on building a strong offensive line, then go after the 'skill' players.


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