The NFL made the expected decision to change the culture of the Pro Bowl. Now the fans are able to vote for the players earlier. In addition, once the players are picked, they will be entered into a fantasy football like draft selected by captains Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice. The old days of AFC against NFC are gone and it's all stars against all stars. It was a decision from the NFL who wanted to make the Pro Bowl more exciting. So will all the usual Pro Bowlers make this years game? Or will new stars emerge and replace the players that reached it last year? Here are some players who have surprised people this season and will have a chance to get to the new and improved Pro Bowl.

Tony Romo - Last season he was inconsistent with his touchdown-to-interception ratio,  but he has surprised some people with his accuracy and keeping the Cowboys in the game. If he can play consistent, he has a chance to not only make the Pro Bowl but make the Cowboy's a playoff contender.

Muhammad Wilkerson - If JJ. Watt had not overshadowed this young star, he would have been one of the well known defensive ends in the league. This year he has six sacks and two forced fumbles. He has been dominant and is great at stopping the run. He has been a big reason why the Jets have been solid at stopping the run. If he continues to be dominate on the line of scrimmage, he could be in for a huge season and lead his defense to the top 5.

Chris Johnson - Before the season I said he wouldn't be as productive as he was when he reached 2,000 yards, but he has proved people wrong and is one of the top rushers in the NFL. He has made big plays for the Titans, which helps the struggling offense score points. Johnson is a vital part to his team and maybe even his future Pro Bowl team.

Jordan Cameron - He has been one of the most productive tight ends. The second year player has been #1 in receptions for the Browns and some people could make a case that he is the best tight end in the league. He has a big body to catch balls that are high and he also has good run-after-the-catch ability. He is making the Browns happy but he could also make his Pro Bowl captain happy.

Even though these players have looked good, we are not certain they'll make it to this year's Pro Bowl. Hopefully the injury problems that have been plaguing the NFL this season will not hit these stars. But one thing is for sure, they look pretty good now and should have a good future in the NFL.




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