Kid Reporter: AFC West Domination


Wow, who would have thought that the strongest teams in the NFL would be out of the AFC West! Kansas City is just rockin' it in all positions. I think they are a team that has come together and is actually performing as one. They have a great mix-up of offense whether passing or running the ball. If the offense is a little flat, the defense will make sure they hold their opponent to help them out.


Then you have the Broncos, which are very strong and are led by Peyton Manning...what more do you expect! Now, I don't want to brag too much, but shout out to my Indianapolis Colts for shutting them down and handing them their first loss!!! As for the rest of their season, yep they will still finish strong.


Chargers are having a real good first half of the season as well, but I'm not so sure if they are Playoff bound. San Diego has some tough games coming up...and might get a Wild Card spot at least. I will pick Broncos to give the Chiefs their first loss and then my Colts to hand them the second!

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