Kid Reporter: 1/2 finished, 1/2 to go!


So far we have seen some spectacular things in the 2013-14 NFL Season. The Washington Redskins have a lot to focus on going into the upcoming weeks. I will be the first to tell you that their defense is awful. Jim Haslett needs to go! Their execution of plays have failed completely. The only person that I am impressed with is DeAngelo Hall who has been a monster covering top receivers. The line is alright, but there needs to be a linebacker to spy on the QB. The past few weeks the 'Skins have been applying pressure, but there are openings in the middle and the quarterback can scramble and pick up at least a good 6 yards.


Our #1 issue is the downfield. Josh Wilson has let up the most touchdowns behind Corey Webster in the last few years. David Amerson has shown little improvement and the rest of the defense has been run over by many teams. The Redskins had a chance to defeat the 6-1 Broncos leading 21-7 in the third quarter but surely they blew that oppurtunity.


The Redskins OFFENSIVE line has been succesful. Griffin III has been getting plenty of time to throw. Alfred Morris has been key averaging 5 yards a carry. The 3rd down and RedZone back Roy Helu Jr. has shown positive potential racking in 3TDs against the Bears.


So far, our team MVP is DeAngelo Hall who has a lot of interceptions and has been playing lockdown defense on key receivers like Calvin Johnson Jr. and Brandon Marshall. Hall's efforts may not be enough to get Washington a Playoff spot. Off to a rough start, the former 0-6 Giants have caught up to the Redskins. That is not a good sign. I have been looking into the pool of players in the upcoming draft and there are some key names in there. Maybe throw away the season and get JaDeveon Clowny?



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