Welcome to the weekly NFL RUSH Fantasy Football trivia game!

With week one of the 2014 season just around the corner, let's focus on the players who got off to the fastest starts last year.

Good luck!

Last Season...

1. Which of these WRs scored the most in week one?
a. A.J. Green
b. Anquan Boldin
c. Victor Cruz

2. Which QB threw for the most TDs in week one?
a. Philip Rivers
b. Aaron Rodgers
c. Peyton Manning

3. Which defense recorded more sacks in week one?
a. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
b. Miami Dolphins
c. Baltimore Ravens

4. Which of these RBs rushed for the most yards in week one?
a. Adrian Peterson
b. LeSean McCoy
c. Arian Foster

5. Which TE scored the most fantasy points in week one?
a. Jimmy Graham
b. Julius Thomas
c. Jason Witten

Last Week's Trivia Answers

Who will score the most fantasy points this year?