Jared Picks Manning and Colts to Come Out On Top!!

This is a super weekend!

The Colts and the Saints go head to head in the Super Bowl! The two teams that had the best record early in the season are in the biggest game of the NFL postseason.

This will be a close game, but I think that the Colts come out on top. Even though Dwight Freeney is injured, he still wants to play in Super Bowl XLIV. I don't think that Freeney's absence will make the outcome of the game change much.

I think the Colt's defense is much better than the Saints' D. This will lead to more chances for the Colts' offense. Brees and Co. will have to make the most of fewer chances, but I don't think they will.

The Colts' receivers are just as good as the Saints' pass catchers. I think Peyton Manning will take advantage of his ball control offense through the course of the game. This way, he can help the Indianapolis defense get a rest once and awhile.

I think the Colts' special teams will control the Saints' field position. By keeping Reggie Bush in check, along with the rest of the New Orleans' returners, the Colts will give the offense more room to work.

I know that the Colts will put up a winning fight. Both teams have seven Pro Bowlers, but I like the Colts' seven over the Saints'. Led by Manning, the final score will be 31-27 in favor of the Indy crew.

The only reason that the nominees from Colts and the Saints could not be at the Pro Bowl is because the Pro Bowl was bumped up before the Super Bowl. Bumping up the Pro Bowl took the best players out of the picture of going to the Pro Bowl.

I thought that the Pro Bowl was for the best players in the league, not some of the best and then second string players. If I was the commissioner of the NFL, I wouldn't have changed the weekend of the Pro Bowl. This change has taken away from the chance for the greatest players from different teams to meet, share ideas and tips, and just have fun.

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