Interesting Choices on Top 100 List

For the Top 100 players in the NFL, there was a bunch of good players on the list. However, I don't agree with some of the players on there.


At 95, there's Tim Tebow. I'm surprised he got on the list, but I agree with where he is. Since Romo was so bad last year, I don't think he should be on the list at all.


I think Hakeem Nicks should have been a lot higher on the list - near 50. Jordy Nelson also should have been listed higher, around 60. The whole list hasn't come out yet, only numbers 71-100. On June 1st, the whole list comes out, and I can't wait to see who makes the top 70.



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

Who do you think should be the number one pick on June 1st?

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