Hunter's Big Super Bowl Sunday

I started my day in Fan Plaza.  I saw all the fans and I got to  play a passing game where I tried to throw the ball in the nets.  I was able to look at all the people dressed up in there sports gear and costumes from on top of Fan Plaza.  We also saw the sports casters talking in the middle of the plaza when my mom got a text.  Kira my God mother texted my mom and said that my video was just on TV!  When we looked at the video later on we realized that the sports casters were talking about me when I was standing there!  They must not have recognized me!


While we were waiting for the time to go to the green room RGIII rode past us on a golf cart.  I was like “RGIII is at the Super Bowl!”  He didn’t see me, I was hoping I would run into him in the stadium.  I didn’t see him though but when me and my brother were waiting for the elevator we were talking about RGIII and the elevator opened up and Russell Wilson, the Seahawks quarterback was on the elevator.  He got off when we got on.


We were in the green room for a hour talking and waiting to be told to go on the field.  Finally we were told to go!


We went out on the sidelines.  My brother turned his head and said “Is that Will Farrell?”, it actually was but I didn’t get his autograph because I was about to go out on the field to run the ball out to the officials.  All the players were warming up and getting ready for the game. Sandy Hook Elementary sang  “America the Beautiful” then Alicia Keys sang our National Anthem.  Then the coin toss happened and the 49ers were to get the ball first -- that meant it was time.  I ran the ball out to the officials. They asked me not to run really fast so the camera man could keep up with me!  I took a picture with the official and ran back.  I was super excited! I watched 2 plays on the field then we went up to our seats to watch the game.


The Ravens got the early lead in the first quarter.  The second quarter the 49ers started catching up but the Ravens kept getting points!  Then it was halftime, Boyouce came out and sang "Halo" and "Single Ladies."  It was really cool. Then we went back to football!  First play of the 3rd quarter the 49ers kicked it off to the Ravens.  Jacoby Jones caught the kick off and then ran set a Super Bowl record for longest yards in one play!  It was 108 yards and I was there to see it!


Do you know what happened next?  The power went out!  We got text from everybody at home saying are you okay and my brother Brian texted my mom saying “Turn the lights back on”.  While the power was out everyone started saying whoooo and booooo.  We started to do the wave, it took a while for the wave to go well.  People started saying “Go 9ers and Go Ravens”  The power came back on!


During the Super Bowl they showed the top 10 plays of the NFL for this season.  There were the 49ers, the Ravens, and then the best team in the NFL, with the best quarterback in the NFL, the Redskins breaking out RGIII’s 76 yard run against the Vikings!  It was on the big screen, we started singing “Hail to the Redskins” and chanting RGIII!  Everyone around us knew we were Redskin fans!


Back to the game, the Ravens fans and teams lost their mojo and the 49ers got back their mojo.  That meant the 49ers had a chance to win but the Ravens stopped that!  The Ravens became the World Champions!  Confetti came out of every inch of the stadium. Raven players were making confetti angels. Joe Flacco won MVP of the SuperBowl.  We headed back home to the hotel and people were dancing in the streets.  I danced in the streets too, I did the Ray Lewis dance.  It was really awesome!


Then I was thinking, I am going to miss New Orleans.  That was my last day.  I hope I one day I might be at another Super Bowl and maybe the Redskins will win and  maybe even I will be the coach!  Thank you to the NFL, I loved it!

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