How Would You Like A Pocket Hercules?

How would you like your very own Pocket Hercules?  Where would you keep him?  Your pocket seems like a good first choice but maybe you have other ideas?


We're kidding, or course.  You can't have your own Pocket Hercules.  But your favorite NFL team can! Maurice "Pocket Hercules" Jones-Drew is one of several awesome NFL football players who are free agents.  That means they can join any team they want...if that team wants them.


Below are a few of the top free agent running backs and defensive backs.  Not all of these players will leave their current teams but let us know which ones you hope do find their way to your favorite team.



Maurice Jones-Drew - Jacksonville Jaguars: Over 8,000 yards rushing in 8 years with the Jaguars.

Knowshon Moreno - Denver Broncos: 1,000+ yards rushing and 10 TDs last year.

Ben Tate - Houston Texans:  Almost 2,000 yards in 3 years; can he explode with your team?



Vontae Davis - Indianapolis Colts: 13 interceptions in 5 years!

Brent Grimes - Miami Dolphins: If you think Vontae's 13 picks are good, how about Brent's 17 interceptions?

Captain Munnerlyn - Carolina Panthers: Captain would be a MAJOR upgrade for any team in GENERAL.


Which back do you want your team to get?

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