How Will Tim Tebow Be Utilized?

As many of you have recently heard, the New England Patriots have just signed Tim Tebow, but the big question is, where will he play and how will he be utilized?

Although Tebow has come into the depth chart as a 3rd string quarterback, it is doubtful that Tebow will ever become a quarterback again. He has many problems throwing the ball with accuracy, and the Patriots already have Tom Brady and Ryan Mallett. The aspect of Tebow that I believe can be utilized is his size, strength, and ability to run the ball. With those aspects, I believe there are a few positions where Tebow could work within the offense.


The first is the wildcat formation. Bringing Tebow in could help New England's offense incorporate a wildcat formation to their offense because of Tebow's size and strength. He could run the ball out of the formation, and even fake the run and throw the ball if need be.


The second position I believe he could fit in is the fullback position. At the fullback position, he could help take some of the pressure off Tom Brady by improving the offense's running game with his blocking ability.

The final position where he could be successful is on special teams. Last season we saw him being used by the Jets mainly on special teams. He fit in very well, making tackles and also being used as a blocker for the return game.

Who knows what Bill Belichick's plan is for Tebow? At this point, I'm uncertain, but I'd love to hear all you guys' input about Tebow in the comments section. How do you think he will be utilized?



How Will Tim Tebow Be Utilized?

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