How Tim Tebow will Fit in New England


Tim Tebow is now a New England Patriot, and will be in the team's mini camp this month. When I first heard of the signing of Tim Tebow by the Patriots, it was quite intriguing.  We all know how last season turned out for the Jets, and it will be interesting to see if Tebowmania will have the same effect on New England's season. Fans will have to wait a few months to see how the transaction works out, but I have some early predictions that could become true come the start of the season.


1. Tim Tebow will be signed.
Why: Tim Tebow is now joining Josh McDaniels, the Patriots offensive coordinator. McDaniels was the person who wanted Tebow on the Broncos while he was their coach, but was fired before Tebow saw significant action. McDaniels certainly believes in Tebow's ability enough to secure Tebow on of the 53 roster spots.


2. Ryan Mallett and Tim Tebow are not going to both play backup quarterback for the Patriots.
Why: Ryan Mallett looked great in the past preseasons, and has drawn interest from many NFL teams. There were rumors that he could be traded, and the Patriots are always looking for more draft picks. Also, the Patriots would want to avoid a potential backup quarterback controversy, and both quarterbacks are worthy of even a starting quarterback job with a needy NFL team. If Mallett does stay with the team, don't expect both to be in the quarterback depth chart.


3. There is a big chance that Tim Tebow will not play quarterback.
Why: Since the Patriots said a few weeks ago that Ryan Mallett will not be traded, Mallett will probably still be on the team. The Patriots have needs at fullback and wide receivers, and both of their tight ends are injury-prone. Tebow is a great athlete and could play at almost any position, so the question is whether Tebow will accept a position change.


4. The spotlight will be on the Patriots all season long.
While the Patriots will not be on ESPN all day 24/7 this summer, added pressure will be on the Patriots. Tim Tebow is a big presence in the locker room, and his personality is a lot different from a lot of other Patriots. The question is how his teammates will respond to the added attention?


Bottom Line: Tim Tebow has been given a chance on an NFL team (not to mention one that plays his previous teams), and he should try to make the most of it. Right now Tebow's biggest football priority should be to show that he belongs in the NFL. The best way to do that is to play another position for a season with the Patriots. If he plays well, an NFL team could give him a chance to play quarterback.



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