Hard Work Pays Off

Aaron Rodgers is the hardest worker on the Green Bay Packers. As quarterback, he has to constantly study all of the plays. As team leader, he has to set an example for his teammates on the importance of working hard.


He had to work really hard at the end of last season. The Packers had to win their last two regular season games just to make it in the playoffs. They ended up being one of the Wildcard teams in the NFC along with the Saints and had to play all of their playoff games on the road.


In the first playoff game, Rodgers threw for three touchdowns to beat the Eagles. He scored all of their points and was named the MVP for the game. In the next playoff game, Rodgers passed for 366 yards and three more touchdowns to beat the Falcons 48-21. This was a big win because Matt Ryan had won seven of his eight previous home games. Rodgers then passed for 244 yards and ran for a touchdown to beat the Bears in the NFC Championship Game.


All of his hard work paid off when he led the Packers by passing for 263 yards with two touchdowns to beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl. Being named the Super Bowl XLV MVP was an easy choice.


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NFLRush Kid Reporter,

Johnny S

Who would have been your runner up for Super Bowl MVP?

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