"He's like a dog, ready to attack at any moment"

Possibly the only thing more noteworthy (and surprising) than the Lions and 49ers both being 5-1, is the post-game shenanigan involving Jim Harbaugh, the 49ers coach, and Jim Schwartz, the Detroit head man.


An alleged shove, derogatory remark, and a frustrated coach are all perfect ingredients for a full-scale street fight. The scuffle that successively took place looked more at home in a Manhattan alleyway at midnight than on the Football field.


When posed the question "would you follow Harbaugh into the boxing ring under said circumstances?", SF tight end, Delanie Walker, replied "The man is awesome. He's almost like a dog, ready to attack at any moment." This could be fun to watch--let's all hope for a rematch in the playoffs, where boxing gloves may be more in order than football helmets.

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