Guess the Mystery Rusher

You've seen them in the Megacore.  You've seen them on the Guardians Unleashed TV show.  You've seen them in McDonald's Happy Meals


They are the NFL RUSH ZONE Rusherz.


But do you *know* them?  Time to prove it!   Guess which Rusher is silhouetted in the picture above!


Not sure?  Here are a few clues:


5 Mystery Rusher Clues:


1. This Rusher'z team is in the AFC.


2. He has flash reflexes when attacking in Megacore.


3. The city his team plays for is near the ocean.


4. He played a critical role in the "There's No Place Like Snow" episode of the RUSH ZONE: Guadians Unleashed.


5. We'd be "shocked" if you can't guess him by now. 

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