Guess the Mystery Rusher

NFL team Rusherz. By now all of you have watched them on the NFL RUSH ZONE: Guardians Unleashed television series but how well do you really *know* them?

Here is your chance to prove your knowledge! Try to guess which Rusher is silhouetted in the picture above. We've provided you with some clues to help you out... let us know how many clues you needed before you made your guess.

1. This Rusher believes in miracles, because he's seen one in person.

2. His Aerial Attack is unmatched, and no matter where the threat is, he will be there in a flash.

3. He helped save the day in the "Knights of the Sky" episode.

4. His favorite fruit are big apples.

5. He's on a first name basis with Nick Mangold.

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