Guess the Mystery Rusher

There are 32 NFL team Rusherz...which is our Mystery Rusher of the Week?


We’ve given you five helpful hints below, see how many it takes before you can guess the correct identity of this week’s Rusher.


Make sure to post your guesses in the comments, and let us know how many hints it took you to guess.


Rusher Hints


1.  His favorite type of music is Dixieland jazz.


2. He played a critical role in the “Never Underestimate The Wild Card” episode of NFL RUSH ZONE: Guardians Unleashed.


3. The Big Easy Slam is his signature move.


4. Even though his team plays indoor, he likes to leave his shades on.


5. Who Dat? Do you still not know the identity of this week’s mystery Rusher?


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