Guess the Mystery Rusher

You’ve watched them on the NFL RUSH ZONE: Guardians Unleashed television series and you fight side by side with them in Megacore, but how well do you really *know* them?  


Here is your chance to prove your knowledge!   Guess which Rusher is silhouetted in the picture above!


Not sure?  Here are a few clues:


1. He’s one “buff” dude!


2. The force of his stomp is as powerful as Niagara Falls and has been know to cause the earth to quake.


3. He played a critical part in season two’s episode 19 of the RUSH ZONE: Season of the Guardians.


4.  His team plays in one of the coldest of all NFL cites.


5. Money is not the only type of bills that he’s familiar with.


Last week's mystery rusher was the Carolina Panthers rusher.

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