Guess Mystery Rusher

Like most people you're a big fan of the NFL team Rusherz. You watch the "NFL RUSH ZONE: Guardians Unleashed" television series and you fight side by side with them in Megacore.


But do you *know* your Rusherz? Time to prove it! Guess which Rusher is silhouetted in the picture above!


Not sure?  Here are a few clues:


1. This Rusher's city really rocks!


2.  This Rusher's growl is a powerful blast that disorients any villain (maybe he eats too many garlic fries?).


3. This Rusher was featured in the "NFL RUSH ZONE: Guardians Unleashed" episode “The Return of Sudden Death.”


4. His favorite color is brown.


5. He’s been seen palling around with rookie QB Johnny Manziel.

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