From African Orphan to Punt, Pass and Kick Finalist

Seven-year-old Matiwos Rumley will compete at the NFL Punt, Pass and Kick National Finals this weekend before the Seahawks vs. Falcons game but it was just a year ago that he was living in an orphanage in Ethiopia.  Matiwos was adopted and brought to the United States to live with his new parents, Mark and Jodi Rumley, in January of 2012.  He had escaped a tough life.


Matiwos picked up his first football of his life just a week before his first PPK competition but was able to win sectional and state competitions and finally beat out all other New England state champs on Nov. 11 at Gillette Stadium before the Patriots vs. Bills game.  His score qualified him as one of the four top athletes in the nation in the 6-7 age group. 

He now faces a new obstacle on his way to the National Championship after he broke his thumb on his throwing hand just a couple weeks ago. Matiwos just shrugged it off and said he would just throw with his left hand.  Something tells us that he will still be a superstar on the field this Saturday.

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