Free Agency Deals

Hi everyone! The free agency period is here and some crazy deals have been made.

(LT) Jake Long has gone to the St. Louis Rams. Hopefully he will bring joy to the fans of St. Louis. He has made a big impact for the Miami Dolphins since they drafted him in 2008 and they will miss him a lot.

(WR) Mike Wallace from the Pittsburgh Steelers and (WR) Brandon Gibson from the Rams will both join the Miami Dolphins this year. Wallace has agreed to stay with them for 5 years while Gibson will be with them for 3 years. The Dolphins have also re-signed (WR) Brian Hartline and also brought in (TE) Dustin Keller from their division rival the New York Jets. The Dolphins are sure to be a big threat on the offensive side of the ball.

(WR) Greg Jennings will join the Minnesota Vikings after being with the Green Bay Packers for the past 5 years. He will be a great addition to his former rival. Additionally, the Vikings snagged (QB) Matt Cassell, as a backup for current QB Christian Ponder.

(TE) Anthony Fasano left the Dolphins to join the Kansas City Chiefs this season. Hopefully he will be able to bring them back after a tough season last year.

(TE) Tony Gonzalez, will be with the Falcons for another year. He was considering retirement, but he decided to come back for one more season. 

(WR) Wes Welker, after being with the Patriots for 5 years, will move on and join the Broncos. He will definitely be a great weapon for Peyton Manning, pushing the Broncos even closer to the Super Bowl.


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