Former Top Picks - How Did They Do?

If you are the number 1 pick in the NFL Draft, you are under the spotlight from day one.


You get the big bucks and you are expected to perform at a high level from day one, and to be a NFL star for years.

How have the last five #1 NFL Draft picks fared?

2013: Eric Fisher, OT - Kansas City Chiefs

After struggling out of the gate last season, Fisher gradually improved at right tackle down the stretch. 


Verdict: Too early to tell for sure, but if Fisher keeps improving he will become the anchor on the Chiefs offensive line for years to come.

2012: Andrew Luck, QB - Indianapolis Colts

Widely considered to be the best young QB in the NFL, Luck threw for 443 yards and 4 TDs while leading the Colts on the second greatest playoff comeback win ever last year.


Verdict: Great pick.

2011: Cam Newton, QB – Carolina Panthers

Starter from day one and led the Panthers to the #2 seed in the NFL playoffs in his third year.  Cam is a dynamic star.


Verdict: Great pick.

2010: Sam Bradford, QB – St. Louis Rams

Has struggled during his four years and the Rams have not had a winning record during his reign.

Verdict: Not a great pick. The six picks that followed Bradford in the 2010 NFL Draft have all become Pro Bowlers.

2009: Matthew Stafford, QB – Detroit Lions

Great fantasy numbers, including averaging 4,900 yards and 30 TDs the past three seasons. The Lions have only made the playoffs once with Stafford, however, and they lost that game.


Verdict: Great pick with the caveat that Stafford needs to lead the Lions to some playoff success.


Who was the best top pick of the past five years?

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