Football Relay Race - Montell Owens


Montell Owens

Props: Football, Baseball Bat, String

Time: 5-10 minutes


Football Relay Race is an easy game to play with a group of friends in your backyard or local park.  First, create a starting line by laying down a piece of string on the ground, then pick out a tree that will be the midway point of each person’s run and place two footballs in between the tree and the starting line.  The race begins with a person from each team spinning around a bat 10 times.  Next, they need to race to the football and run with it to the tree.  They must tag the tree with the football, then run back to the starting line and hand off the football to the next person in line.  That person needs to run with the football to the tree, tag it with the football, and then run back to the starting line and handoff the ball to the next person.  This will go on until the final person in line, who once he crosses the finish line, must spike the football.

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