Football News: 1st Edition

Hello and welcome to the first ever Weekly news! Today I’m going to talk about the Playoff scores. So let’s look over at the NFC title game. The Falcons are going to take over the 49ers and intercept the ball A LOT. Kaepernick is going to get some good drives in the 1st and 2nd Quarter, that’s their specialty. Now the Falcons and going to put some good plays in the second half and get into a rhythm. Once they get that going they’re going to win 32-31, just barely.


Now let’s look at the other side of football. The AFC Title Game between the Patriots and Ravens is going to be very bold. They both specialize in the same thing, balanced quarters. But the thing is the Ravens have the emotional edge. So here is my vision of what is going to happen. I think that it all counts on solid defense. Ray Lewis is going to get 1 sack, 13 tackles, and maybe an interception. But Tom Brady is a hard person to intercept. On the offensive side of the Ravens, Ray Rice is going to go and rip off chunks of yards while Pierce will get the first downs. I think this will be the score 20-17 Ravens.


That is all for the football news for this week. I’m Evan and you were reading the Football News!  See You Next Time!


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