Fire Up...It's NFL SUNDAY!

Holy guacamole there is some GREAT NFL football to be seen today.  Almost every game has HUGE playoff implications as we head into the stretch run of the season.


Speaking of guacamole, get your snacks, your family and your friends ready to go because today is going to be awesome:


*** 49ers vs. Saints:  Colin Kaepernick vs. Drew Brees.  Which of these teams is one of the big dogs in the NFC along with the Seahawks?


*** Redskins vs. Eagles: Robert Griffin III vs. Nick Foles. HUGE NFC East implications.


*** Patriots vs. Panthers (Monday night): Tom Brady vs. Cam Newton.  The Patriots are, well, the Patriots and the Panthers are perhaps the hottest team in the NFL with 5 straight wins.


And then there's this:


*** Chiefs vs. Broncos:  Alex Smith vs. Peyton Manning.  This is where we find out if the undefeated Chiefs are for real.




Tons of stars playing in big games so be sure to set your Fantasy Football lineup


And surely you've made your Pick Em picks, right?


Tell us which game you're excited for today in the comments section to the right.

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