If you want to win, these are the guys you should have in your lineup.


QB:  Peyton Manning – Denver Broncos

What more does this future HOF’er need to do to convince you that he should be in your starting line-up? 


RB:  Chris Johnson – Tennessee Titans

We’ve been down on him all season, but after last week’s huge performance he’s earned his shot.


WR:  Marques Colston - New Orleans Saints

This week’s game against the Packers will be a shootout, so expect big things from Colston



You may want to avoid these three players this week as they have tough match-ups.


QB:  Matt Ryan – Atlanta Falcons

The Eagles might be the toughest defense Ryan has faced this year and you all saw how he fared against the Raiders, right?


RB: Reggie Bush – Miami Dolphins

Reggie has had a good season but playing the Jets on the road has us doubting his potential this week.


WR:  Larry Fitzgerald – Arizona Cardinals

Have you noticed that we tend to sit players when they face the 49ers?  Yeah, we’re suggesting you give Fitz the week off.