Eyes on the Prize!

This is the type of player that makes DBs lose sleep at night. . .


After a long hiatus (also known as freshman year) I'm back to writing for NFLRUSH! In reviewing the 2012 NFL season, I've thoroughly enjoyed watching the antics of the New York Giants receivers and their leader Eli Manning. While I am not typically a fan of the Big Blue, the impeccable concentration and speedy reflexes they demonstrate through the most arduous circumstances are quite impressive.


Many players cannot even attempt to make a play on the ball when they are being smothered by an overzealous defensive player; but the Giants receivers not only continue to fight for positioning, but also generally put themselves in a position in which they can react off a deflection.

Without discrediting the Giants' other position players, it's safe to say that their quarterback and receivers heavily contributed to their title run in 2012.


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