Eye-Popping Stats at the Combine!

Tight Ends and Offensive Linemen did their field drills on Saturday. Green, Kilgore, O'Dowd, Housler, and Bartholomew led the pack with amazing performances. Tight Ends and Offensive Linemen did their field drills on Saturday and one of the most impressive players was TE Virgil Green. He won the vertical jump and his broad jump was one of the best recent times for Tight Ends -- 10'10". That's longer than your average alligator!

Dan Kilgore and Kristofer O'Dowd led the Offensive Linemen in the Vertical Jump. Despite both being over 300 pounds, both guys jumped 32.5 inches -- that's 300 pounds jumping over your average little brother's head.

The top 40 yard dash time went to TE Robert Housler. He finished in 4.55 seconds. He's 6'5" and almost 250 pounds -- and he averaged nearly 18 mph!

Perhaps the most impressive Offensive Lineman was Ryan Bartholomew. Not only did the 302 pound lineman break 5 seconds in the 40-yard dash (4.97), he had the best bench press of the day: 34 reps of 225 pounds. That's an impressive combination of speed and power!

Next in line for Field Drills are the Quarterbacks, Running Backs and Wide Receivers -- who do you think will put up eye-popping numbers?

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