Dwayne Bowe: The Top WR for NFLRUSHFantasy 2011

Who do you think will be the top wide receiver this year? You’re probably thinking either Andre Johnson or Roddy White, aren’t you?

I think the top wide receiver will be Dwayne Bowe. I would go with Andre if I knew he would stay healthy and play all sixteen games, but he seems to always miss a few games.


Roddy White is another great wide receiver.
But with Julio Jones coming in, Roddy probably won’t get the ball thrown his way as much.


Now getting back to my pick, Dwayne Bowe. Dwayne didn’t catch any passes in the Chiefs’ first Preseason game, but in the first week the starters only play in a few drives. In the second week, he caught three passes for 43 yards. And in the third week, he had one catch for 11 yards! Dwayne Bowe led in touchdowns last year with 15 touchdowns. The closest player to have as many touchdowns was Calvin Johnson with 12 touchdowns.


As I’m a Packers fan, I’m hoping the Pack will shut him down this Thursday. Don’t forget to Back-the-Pack.


NFLRush Kid Reporter,

Johnny S

Who would you pick as the top wide receiver?

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