Driver's Drive

"Winning isn't everything. It's the only thing."
- Vince Lombardi

Looking back at last season, I thought the most exciting play for the Green Bay Packers was Donald Driver's 61 yard touchdown reception against the San Francisco 49ers. There were many exciting plays and games for the Packers as they made their way on to winning Super Bowl, but the Driver play really stands out.


Playing at home, wearing their blue retro jerseys, it was in the third quarter with about twelve minutes on the clock. It was 2nd and 16 when Aaron Rodgers threw the pass to Driver on the right side of the field. Driver caught it at about the 45 yard-line.


He broke his first tackle at the 35. His second broken tackle at the 23 was exciting to see because teammate Andrew Quarless all but jumped over Driver's back trying to make a block. Driver then ran down the right sideline and stiff armed the third would be tackler just to get him out of his way. The play ended with three 49ers pulling him down as he crossed the goal line.


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